Sunday, April 28, 2013

chillbox time!!

hello followers!!! in this post I want t show y how much I love chillbox !! in this picture I go out with my friend at ioannina , for a coffee and its a good idea to eat frozen yogurt!! it's my favourite !!! so, I wear my grey maxi skirt ! I'm obsessed with this skirt and I combined with a white top and my denim jacket !!! the bag is so casual and I think To complete with this outfit !! y think ???? 

be stylist   be creativeeee !!!!!!!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Ramones" details

hello guys !! it's been a long time from my last post but I am so busy these months ! I'm so sorry ... this post I want t see y my new skirt "grey" color and my new shirt too "Ramones" . btw the weather is so good these days and my mood is probably up !! xoxo ,, So, I hope y like it :p

be stylist. be creative !!

p.s my pictures are taken by my mobile !!

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