Thursday, November 29, 2012

Last 2 weeks styles !!

Hey guys !!

I post this looks for today ..

I really want to post an other outfit but now I have no time ..

Really sorry for this ..

See you soon ...


Saturday, November 24, 2012

leopard pants

hi everyone !!! how are y ?
Previous week i bought this legging ! i haven't leopard pants and i 'm happy to found one .. 
THIS NIGHT i go out with my boyfriend and go to the "black sheep" a new rock bar which my friend works here . it was a good night ! 
Finally, my boy take some pictures ..
so i wear my black fur coat , a black sweater, leopard pants , converse and the red bag !
what do you think ?

i wear 
shoes converse , bag h&m , sweater & fur zara , pants "gift"

thanks for reading ..

be stylist    be creative

Giwtou :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tiger shirt

hello followers .. 
finally i found this t shirt "tiger" and i am so happy about this !!! 
of course i ordered a sweater tigers and not spend days to have . Yes i am very excited! 
so, this days i go for walk with my friend Mary in shops ! And i bought 2 sweaters from zara . 
this pictures i wear my black leather legging , a white shirt and the tiger shirt !

what do you think ?

i wear 
shirt zara , glasses Dior , legging bershka , shoes converse , bag ebay . 

! thanks for reading ! 

be stylist    be creative 


Saturday, November 17, 2012


hello babies !!! 
The weather is so good these days and i have many looks and photos to show you !
This post i wear my stripe legging with my new bag which i'm in love !! ^^ 
So, i deceided to wear this legging with wine red shirt and black details , of course i don't forget my boots ! 
so what do you think ??

i wear *
legging & bag ebay, boots Gianna K, shirt & blazer h&m , necklace bershka, glasses Dior ,

thanks for reading 

be stylist   be creative 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

star legging !

hey ladies ! 
today i want to saw y my new black blazer ! 
its simple of course and suits for everything ! 
this day is very beautiful and the sun is perfect ..
what do you think for my new outfit ?

i wear 
legging & bag ebay , boots bershka , blazer h&m , shirt zara , necklace bershka , glasses marc jacobs

! thanks for reading !

be stylist   be creative 


Saturday, November 10, 2012

leopard fur coat again !


 Finally, pulled out a little cold n wore my leopard fur coat. I'm very happy! Well the combine with bordeaux red tights and my new black handbag! will not say too much say it all! The following photos will see my sister and my friend ..
this is my sister Faih !! xoxoxo 

this night i have so good mood and i have a great time again :)

so, i wear 
fur coat zara , bag new ebay , legging boohoo, shirt zara , shoes bershka new ..
faih wears 
bag h&m new , shirt ebay , pants & blazer zara . 

** these shoes are and the previous post **

! thanks for reading !

be stylist   be creative 


Friday, November 9, 2012

Night mood

Hello followers ! how are you ? 
In this post i want to saw you my new boots (check all pictures)
I think that it was love at first sight !! yes, yes .. 
And i bought this directly .
All my clothes fits perfectly with these shoes and once again i believe that made the right choice .. what do you think ?
maching with my current look?

i wear 
boots bershka , leather, legging , 2 shirts all zara , bag old 

thanks for reading !

be stylist be creative 


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

walking outfit

Yesterday i was outside and the weather it's so cold but i deceided to wear my denim sorts :)
this post i wear a striped blouse and inside white shirt with collar .. Underwear my new coat which is very exceptional because in the back has a big skull .. Of will see and yourself to the next photos.


I wear
short h&m , shoes converse , bag longchamp , collar shirt ebay , coat ebay , blouse zara 

this collar shirt i was wearing in the previous post "the blue hat "

thanks for reading !

be stylist   be creative 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blue hat

I love this blue hat .. It's so chic ;) Sorry for late to post new outfit by I have so many studies .. :( and the weather is not good to take pictures babies ,,
Anyway lets see my outfit so this day I go for shopping with my friend ..
"iPad pictures"

This post I wear 

Shorts h&m , t shirt ebay fashion , hat h&m , bag& blazer Zara , iPad case ebay 

Thanks for reading !!! 

Be stylist.  Be creative 

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