Saturday, November 24, 2012

leopard pants

hi everyone !!! how are y ?
Previous week i bought this legging ! i haven't leopard pants and i 'm happy to found one .. 
THIS NIGHT i go out with my boyfriend and go to the "black sheep" a new rock bar which my friend works here . it was a good night ! 
Finally, my boy take some pictures ..
so i wear my black fur coat , a black sweater, leopard pants , converse and the red bag !
what do you think ?

i wear 
shoes converse , bag h&m , sweater & fur zara , pants "gift"

thanks for reading ..

be stylist    be creative

Giwtou :)


  1. Nice outfit for a rock bar!!
    Uperoxh gouna <3


  2. awesome leggings!!!( love the fur too) xxx

  3. fantastic dear, I love it so much :)


  4. I love the look, what more leggings and purse ♥ xoxo

  5. wtf is this you look like a dead horse omg I will have nightmares....


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